White mineral oils, paraffin, petroleum jelly

White mineral oils, paraffin, petroleum jelly


Ramoil was founded in 1963, when the first production facility was established at Tavernanova di Casalnuovo (Napoli).

Through the years Ramoil kept on following its original strategy of operating in specialised market niches. The activity was progressively widened to the production of special mineral oils products, in order to satisfy the most demanding specifications requested by the Industries on the Market.

In 2005, RA.M.OIL SpA, following its customers demands from cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets, built a Petroleum Jellies plant, becoming able to produce a wide range of finished products.

Ramoil developed a vast experience in the production of special mineral oils and constantly made it available to its customers. This makes Ramoil a reliable and preferential partner for all Companies operating in this field.

Main products:

♣ new Base Oils (group I, II and III)


♣special oils:

* BFR pharmaceutical grade white oils

* BTR technical grade white oils

* TRW transformer oils

* OCF refrigeration Compressor Oils

* PRO process oils used in the production of rubber, polymers, etc.

♣ lubricant Oils,


♣ waxes,

♣ petroleum jellies.

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