♥ Different type of fillers

Suited for special applications, they are made of top grade polymers and mineral charges, for optimal appearance and properties and narrow tolerances.


♥ Various regenerates and regranulates

♥ Compounds (PE, PP…)

♥ Ascend – Vydyne® PA66 different range


The high quality and superior consistency of Vydyne® nylon products are the results of Ascend Performance Material’s integrated approach to manufacturing PA66. When you use Vydyne® compounds and resins, you can expect every order to deliver efficient solutions to boost your productivity and help you deliver better injection moulded and extruded end products.

Product families of Vydyne®:

– general purpose
– glass reinforced,
-impact modified,
-ignition resistant / flame retardant,
-mineral reinforced,

Main applications:

-electrical and electronic,
-consumer and industrial,
-cable ties.