Pure and denatured alcohol, solvents and thinners, graphic art supplies, mixes for flexographic printing, detergentes and more

Pure and denatured alcohol, solvents and thinners, graphic art supplies, mixes for flexographic printing, detergents and more


Locatelli Alcool, of S.Omobono Terme, near Bergamo, is a market leader in the bulk sale of pure and denatured alcohol, and chemicals for the print industry.



♦ Anhydrous ethyl alcohol 99.9°, ♦ ethyl alcohol refined 96.3°, ♦ denatured ethyl alcohol 90°/94°/99.9°, ♦ denatured cosmetic ethyl alcohol A.B.C.D., ♦ denatured ethyl alcohol for cleaning, ♦specially denatured ethyl alcohol, ♦ alcohol-base mixtures, ♦ etiloc solvent (65% Alc. 35% ethyl isopropyl), ♦ isopropyl alcohol, ♦ isoloc solvent (9 s% Alc. isopropyl 5% isobutyl), ♦isoloc solvent 90.10 (90% alc. isopropyl 10% ethyl), ♦methyl alcohol, ♦ mac solvent (95% alc. methyl 5% acetone), ♦ alcohol n-propyl, ♦ propanol solvent 90 (95% alc. n-propyl 5% s-butyl), ♦ isobutyl alcohol, ♦butyl alcohol, ♦ s-butyl alcohol, ♦ t-butyl Alcohol.


♦Demineralised water, ♦ Acetone, ♦ Ethyl acetate, ♦ Butyl acetate, ♦ Isobutyl acetate, ♦ Phosphoric acid 75%, ♦ Butylglycol, ♦ Propyl bromide, ♦ Cyclohexanone, ♦Chloroform, ♦Methylene chloride, ♦ Diacetone Alcohol, ♦ Ethoxypropylacetate, ♦Ethylglycol, ♦Monoethylene glycol (antifreeze), ♦ Butanone (Methylethylketone), ♦Methoxypropanol, ♦Kerosene, ♦Avio solvent brand , ♦ 4060 T.AE solvent, ♦Trichloroethylene double distilled, ♦Soda


Graphic arts studios require a range of chemical products, not only to run the various printing processes, but also for cleaning machines, rotors, presses, and heads including:

alcohol and alcohol mixtures,

solvents for cleaning rollers and rubber or latex print plates,

-manual or mechanical cleaning (e.g. Autowash or Locwash) available for different grades of cleaning.

-degreasers for rubber or latex print heads

chemical cleaners for plates,

-traditional, strong, and medium non-aromatic cleaners (Loc Cleaner HD, Loc Cleaner CTP,…)

regenerators for rollers and printing machines

– for removal of dried inks
– cleaning of rollers for colour change
– Rigen range for daily or weekly cleaning.


The printing technique used for printing onto flexible packages is known as FLEXOGRAPHY.

Locatelli Alcool is a major retailer of products for flexible packaging in various industries, supplying solvents, mixtures, and thinners for flexo inks not only in Lombardy, but, for over 25 years, also all across Italy. Today, we also sell abroad, in Europe and Africa.

Our range of flexographic printing products is very broad and includes:

-Thinners for flexo inks,

– Solvents and mixtures for flexographic printing,

-Printing solvents for photopolymer plates (Locflex 8020, Lockflex 7030, Locflecx404020),

-Binary mixtures for printing,

-Auxiliary substances such as butyl alcohol and ethyl acetate.


♦ Denatured ethyl alcohol 90°, ♦Bleach, ♦ Scented bleach, ♦Ammonia, ♦Scented ammonia, ♦Demineralised water, ♦ Muriatic acid, ♦Avio brand detergents,♦Turpentine, ♦Oil, ♦Acetone, ♦Trichloroethylene, ♦ Scric (Cif)

For more info go to: http://www.locatellialcool.it/