PE regenerates and regranulates; granulates and powder

PE regenerates and regranulates;  granulates and powder


GERBALDO POLIMERI s.r.l was born in 1985, initially had its core business in the production of granules of high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene for packaging, extrusion, blow molding and injection molding.

Over the following years the company commits its own resources, human and technological resources to achieve, with a gradual specialization, the production of granules obtained compounding materials from selected industrial waste, or virgin polymers.

In 1999 the Company took the decision to further diversify its activities by initiating the production of natural and colored powders for the field of masterbatch and rotational molding.

To date, the Company focuses its economic potential and business to achieve a global satisfaction, both in quantitative and qualitative evidence for this is the acquisition of new plants for the production of granules and powders, to setup an internal laboratory, equipped for a deeper and more detailed technical analysis of the product and implementing a quality system, as  part of everyday life, for an enhanced company image and constant optimization of products and services.



-For MASTERBATCHES and other applications




Special products:

– Hexell


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