Biodegradable additive d2w

Biodegradable additive d2w


Plastic is strong, resistant, versatile, light, safe to use and low-cost. Plastic is made from a by-product produced with oil refining. Governments and other organizations are increasingly aware of the ecological problem of waste plastics. This is mainly due to a long decomposition time in the environment.

Now we have a solution: oxo-biodegradable plastic, that bio-decomposes within a predetermined period of time


  • water,
  • biomass and CO2

Slovenia is one of the first countries in the EU, which has established a differentiated environmental fee for packaging made from biodegradable materials. Other countries are following us.

In this category we are talking about oxo-biodegradable plastics. The solution, offered by Symphony Environmental Ltd from London is called D2W and is added only 1% to basic polymers (PE, PP) and makes possible total degradation in the required period from 18 months to several years.


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