ABS / PMMA and PS sheets for thermoforming

ABS / PMMA and PS sheets for thermoforming


VitasheetGroup is Europe’s largest producer of custom made extruded plastic sheet, supplying high quality products to customers in over 40 countries world wide.

From the current base of 8 production sites, they combine over 50 years of process, knowledge and innovation – delivering the best results to their customers.

Used in many thousands of different applications around the world, from automotive to graphic arts, VitasheetGroup offers the most extensive product range to the market – they have a multitude of colours, textures and finishes of thermoplastic sheet and films.

Through their 50 year history of process development, product innovation and customer partnership, VitasheetGroup has justly become the customers’ first choice in supply of engineered thermoplastic sheet.

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Highly specified materials technically engineered to meet the needs of the transport, construction, industrial, household and leisure markets.


Formulated from a wide variety of performance polymers,  ViSpec™ range offers outstanding qualities such as gloss, impact resistance and stiffness, with optional weather resistance or fire retardance characteristics, which meet international standards. ViSpec materials are easily processed, and are available in an unmatched range of textures and surface effects.

VitasheetGroup marketplaces and application

Construction and Industrial – Trays, covers, cladding and tanks for:

– Materials Handling
– Chemical Storage
– Wall Protection and Cladding
– Cooling Systems and Cold Rooms

Household & Leisure – Panels, trays, liners and facings for:

– Sanitary Ware
– Caravans & Boats
– Furniture & White Goods
– Doors
– Outdoor Leisure Equipment

Transport – Interior trim, cladding, window surrounds and headlining for:

– Industrial and Agricultural Vehicles
– Mass Transit Vehicles
– Luxury Automotives
– Aircraft interior